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il pavone


torta di mele

Hello dearest reader,

I have actually tried to bake this apple cake from Melissa Forti and it was a huge success.

I am looking forward to try other recipes from the book.

Have a nice afternoon!

Life goes on inexorably and it is both a relief and awkward. Human tragedies happen every given day and it feels so preposterous to be here thinking about food to cook and other trivialities.
Still I need to escape in a sunny place where only by measurements and instructions you can control an outcome and eat it too.
Because I have some red wine left, I will try to drawn some broccoli.
I have tried this apple cake and it is delicious, although I have added a full one cup of rice flour to the recipe to make it work. Yet it may depend on egg sizes, because probably American large eggs are actually Italian medium eggs and I ended up with a very liquid batter in the first place.
I hope you have a joyous day, I wish that you remember that you are loved and blessed, because you are alive and there are still endless possibilities in every minute of your precious existence.

ricette che forse provero'

Hello dearest reader,
I’ve been out and about and not feeling much like cooking lately.
Yet this Sunday I would like to bake this  apple cakeand possibly these buckwheat gallettes could be my dinner tonight.
Will the bread and cheese win again? 
Let the battle begin...
Have a nice weekend!